Saving Money on Your Postal Costs

Many UK businesses pay too much money for their outgoing mail.
If your business is similar to one of the case studies below then you could potentially save a lot of money on your mail costs......

Case Study 1 - Stamping Down on Costs

Type of Mail: Currently using stamps on outgoing mail

For start-up businesses and young expanding companies using stamps, the cost of postage can creep up. As your business starts to grow it is worth looking at how much you can save by getting a franking machine. Small franking machines can be rented for about £20-£25 a month and will entitle you to cheaper postal rates.

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Case Study 2 - It Pays to Fold

Type of Mail: Mailshots or high volumes of letters - typically A4 items.

In August 2006 the Royal Mail introduced pricing in proportion and put the emphasis on the size of postal items rather than the weight.

Since then businesses have been saving money by folding their mail items and using smaller envelopes. Folding an A4 letter in half and putting it in a C5 envelope saves at least 12p per posted item. For a company sending out 100 letters a day this can save over £3000 a year.

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Case Study 3 - Cleaning Up

Type of Mail: Sending out over 1000 items per posting.

By using the Royal Mail Cleanmail Advance service you can get an additional 12% discount on postal items.

By presenting your mail to the Royal Mail in a way that means they can automatically sort it, you will qualify for discounted mail.

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Case Study 4 - DX Monitoring Machines

Type of Mail: Using the DX mail service.

Companies that use the DX mail service can save money by keeping an accurate account of their DX mail items.

Businesses that can present DX with accurate postal accounts can make massive savings on their yearly DX bill.

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